Lessons From the Loss of Mario Hornsby, Jr.

August 17, 2008

Mario Hornsby, Jr.While the public reaction to the shooting death of Mario Hornsby, Jr. on May 17th was one of genuine outrage over the epidemic of violence in our community and of care and sympathy for the bereaved family and friends of Hornsby, the reaction of some has revealed much about the level people will stoop to in order to attract attention and to advance personal or political agendas.

As expected, there was intense coverage by the media and true to form, many quickly stepped up to comment on the incident and to use the tragedy to advance their agendas. Some unashamedly, used the Hornsby family‚Äôs tragedy to their own advantage. While those in public life need to utilize the media on occasion to advance a cause, some have become no more than media hounds with no underlying principled conviction to actually do the work of combating youth violence in our community. Read the rest of this entry »