Fox News: Michelle Obama is “Obama’s Baby Mama”

African Americans Should Be Outraged

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On Thursday, June 11th, Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin appeared on FOX News’ Election HQ, to discuss Michelle Obama and whether or not attacks against her would lead to a backlash. A chyron under Kelly said “Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking On Obama’s Baby Mama” and one under Malkin read “Obama’s Bitter Half”.

I am no fan of FOX News. As a matter of fact, I agree with the notion that FOX is the White Supremacist News Network. With bigots like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, it is no surprise that another known bigot, Michelle Malkin was on the program while slurs of a racist nature were lodged against the future First Lady of the nation. It goes without saying that the wife of Senator John McCain would never be treated in such a manner.

FOX’s treatment of Mrs. Obama was both racis and sexist and it demonstrates how low the network will sink in order to prevent the ascendancy of a black man to the presidency. I wonder if John McCain will criticize the network for its mistreatment of his rival’s wife or if he will pretend the issue simply got by him.

Mrs. Obama is a sitting senator’s wife and an accomplished attorney who was married to Senator Obama six years before their first child was born. They have been married for sixteen years and have a strong family. Why in the world would she be referred to as a “babies mama?” I’ll tell you why, because she’s black. Yes, I said it, she’s black. And no, I didn’t play the race card on this one. FOX News plays the race card each and every day and this time their whole deck was filled with race cards.

The actions of FOX were outrageous and there is NO DEFENSE! However, I’m sure there will be plenty of people claiming that those of us outraged by these shenanigans are just being sensitive and that its “no big deal.” If FOX calls this journalism, they should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, I’m aware that a senior FOX executive stated that someone “exercised poor judgment” in this case, however, an acknowledgment is hardly enough. How about an apology to Senator Obama and his wife? How about some disciplinary action? “Poor judgment,” is that the best they can do? It is an insult to the entire African American population specifically and the American people generally.


One Response to Fox News: Michelle Obama is “Obama’s Baby Mama”

  1. i3lu says:

    Why is it ok for Black people to use this type of language, but not anyone else?
    If you have a problem with language being used in Mainstream America, Then as a leader it is important to teach young people to refrain from using this language as commonly as it is being used. Just as it is important that you teach you can achieve if you work toward your goal.

    I am so fed up with racism and derogatory remarks from all sides.

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