Did Hillary Clinton Really Concede?

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After watching Hillary Clinton’s speech last Tuesday night, the same day Barack Obama received enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, I was appalled at her arrogance and upset by her refusal to concede the race. Instead of being magnanimous and gracious, she boasted about receiving 18 million votes and asked her supporters to send her an email while she contemplated her next steps.

Apparently slapped in the face by the reality that she would not be able to convince enough super delegates to wrest the nomination from Obama, she gave a concession speech this past Saturday in Washington D.C. in which she pledged her full support to Senator Obama. I can’t help but wonder if Senator Clinton really conceded or if she is making a power play for the Vice Presidency.

Representative James Clyburn, majority whip for the House of Representatives expressed his angst with Senator Clinton after she refused to congratulated Senator Obama last Tuesday. “That speech cannot be seen as anything but a slight,” said Clyburn. Even Senator Clinton’s most ardent supporters became irritated with many of the things she did on the campaign trail. African American voters who began the race in support of Hillary Clinton were nine to one against her by the end of the primary season.

Quite frankly, both Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton have alienated many black voters and supporters of Obama with their attacks on his cultural background, character and race. I’m not so sure it would be a good thing for Hillary and Bill to be back in the White House in an Obama administration.


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