Unhappy Father’s Day: The Crisis of Fatherhood in the African American Community

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As we approach Father’s Day I can’t help but reflect on the subject of absentee fathers in the African American community. This problem holds dire implications for both the present and future of black America. The fact of the matter is, many of us know men who need to grow up, stop acting like boys and come to the realization that their responsibility goes beyond conception. These so-called men need to know that the ability to make a child doesn’t make them men, the courage to raise one does.

This year on Father’s Day, new ties will be given, golf clubs will be tried out and other gifts will make some men smile. However, the celebrations of the day will pale in comparison to Mother’s Day and will find far too many black fathers unworthy of being honored on this sacred day. It is imperative that we continue to talk about the importance of fatherhood as we attempt to change the destructive behavior and attitudes of far too many black men.

The message of personal responsibility, phrased in strong terms, must be delivered in the home from the pulpit and in the classroom. We must state in unequivocal terms that there is no excuse for black men behaving irresponsibly toward their children. Far too many women are struggling to raise their children as single parents.

In the black community, fatherhood is endangered and this crisis is one of the most important issues of this generation. We are now raising a generation of children growing up without the important bonds between father and child. The absence of black fathers causes major ills in the African American community, including, poverty, poor mental and physical health among youth, lack of educational attainment, and the growth of our prisons

Scholars agree that the plight of black men in our country affects the entire society. The problem of fatherless ness in the black community calls for a concerted effort by community and religious leaders, government, and all other concerned stakeholders to address the problem. Scholars also warn that the plight of young black men in America affects the whole society and call for a concerted effort by government and community leaders to address the problem.


2 Responses to Unhappy Father’s Day: The Crisis of Fatherhood in the African American Community

  1. kevin j nestor says:

    Dont look at the police dont look at the schools!! look at the parents I dont belive in bad schools I do belive in bad parents who dont care! I work in a jail, a lot of the inmates tell me they miss their kids. I say why were you so selfesh as to put your needs ahead of your kids. getting sent to jail now they are without a father, then they might say they needed money. I sometimes would tell them a walk in the park with your kids is free, reading to them is free .hugging them is free ,telling you love them is free. The money was for you! not your kids!! dont get it twisted!

  2. David M. says:

    I enjoy the site. it seems to be so great for us as well as I am certain to everyone the visitors here!

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