Fox News: Michelle Obama is “Obama’s Baby Mama”

June 13, 2008

African Americans Should Be Outraged

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On Thursday, June 11th, Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin appeared on FOX News’ Election HQ, to discuss Michelle Obama and whether or not attacks against her would lead to a backlash. A chyron under Kelly said “Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking On Obama’s Baby Mama” and one under Malkin read “Obama’s Bitter Half”.

I am no fan of FOX News. As a matter of fact, I agree with the notion that FOX is the White Supremacist News Network. With bigots like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, it is no surprise that another known bigot, Michelle Malkin was on the program while slurs of a racist nature were lodged against the future First Lady of the nation. It goes without saying that the wife of Senator John McCain would never be treated in such a manner. Read the rest of this entry »


Fighting the Smears : The Truth About Michelle Obama

June 13, 2008

The Obama Campaign Uncovers the Lie Told on Michelle Obama

It goes without saying that anyone running for president of the United States is subject to intense scrutiny in every area of life. However, no one should be subject to unecessary smear campaigns that have no respect for truth or decency. Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hae had more than their share of these ugly tactics and have taken off the gloves to fight vicious rumors, which are meant to denigrate their character and influence the public. Senator Obama has launched a new web site,, which is designed to debunk the rumors spread during his campaign. The following was taken from the web site: Read the rest of this entry »

Democrats Preaching Party Unity

June 11, 2008

Pamela on Politics: BET Political Blog

By Pamela Gentry, BET Senior Political Producer

June 11, 2008 – On Tuesday, Democratic leaders gathered at party headquarters to rally behind their presidential candidate. This symbolic gesture was to show the American people the long and often divisive primary battle is over, and all attention is now on defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in November.

Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean said, “I’m confident in the strength of our party as we work to elect Barack Obama our next president…and win seats up and down the ticket.” Read the rest of this entry »

Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Nigger Too?!

June 10, 2008

Rapper Nas Stirs Controversy With Upcoming Project

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Last month, rapper Nas invited the media to the shooting of his video to his new single “Be a Nigger Too.” The song, which is featured on Nas’ new project, has a hook that includes many racial epithets in addition to the word Nigger. The song also mocks the old Dr. Pepper slogan, “wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?”:

“I.m a nigger, he’s a nigger, she’s a nigger, we some niggers
Wouldn’t you like to be a nigger too?
To all my kike niggers, spic niggers, guinea niggers, chink niggers
That’s right y’all my niggers too”

As the rapper stood in front of journalist and bloggers at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, he stated, “I ain’t Farrakhan or Chuck D, I’m just a Queensbridge nigga that got rich. … I love pissing people off and stirring up stupid mutha—-as.”

The imagery in the video was inspired by Spike Lee’s film 25th Hour. The video reveals how the racist behaviors of the past correlate to today’s prejudices. It concludes with a slave being lynched. Read the rest of this entry »

“Whitey” Tape Reported on Fox News is a Lie

June 9, 2008

‘Whitey’ Video Rumor about Michelle Obama Called Republican Smear Campaign

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The above FOX News video clip helped to spread a rumor that we’d be seeing a video or hearing a tape in which Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Barack Obama, shared a platform with Minister Louis Farrakhan and insulted white Americans by referring to them as “whitey.”

Supposedly, the mystery recording has been secretly tucked away only to be revealed as a big surprise during the general election between Obama and Senator John McCain. In the FOX News clip, Republican strategist Roger Stone swore by all that is holy that he had verified the tapes existence through ‘credible’ witnessess. Michael Brown quickly dismissed Stone’s assertions as Republican dirty tricks. To date, no tape or video has surfaced. The reason why? There is no such recording. There is no tape. According to Read the rest of this entry »

Who’ll Be Obama’s No. 2?: BET Political Blog

June 9, 2008
Pamela on Politics

Pamela on Politics: BET Political Blog

By Pamela Gentry, Senior Political Producer

June 9, 2008 – This week with mark another page in history when Sen. Barack Obama embarks on the campaign trail as the only candidate running for the Democratic presidential nomination. But his newly earned status increases speculation of who’ll he’ll pick for the No. 2 spot on his ticket.

Some folks already are weighing in, but Obama, who isn’t tipping his hand, has appointed a three-member panel to bring him a list of candidates for consideration. The panel is made up of former head of Fannie Mae, James A. Johnson; the daughter of President John Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy; and former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder.

But supporters of Clinton are wasting no time pushing for the New York senator to co-pilot the Democratic presidential ticket. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), the host of the secret meeting with Obama and Clinton last Friday, said on ABC’s “This Week” that she would like to see the “dream ticket,” with both Clinton and Obama, become a reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Unhappy Father’s Day: The Crisis of Fatherhood in the African American Community

June 9, 2008

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As we approach Father’s Day I can’t help but reflect on the subject of absentee fathers in the African American community. This problem holds dire implications for both the present and future of black America. The fact of the matter is, many of us know men who need to grow up, stop acting like boys and come to the realization that their responsibility goes beyond conception. These so-called men need to know that the ability to make a child doesn’t make them men, the courage to raise one does.

This year on Father’s Day, new ties will be given, golf clubs will be tried out and other gifts will make some men smile. However, the celebrations of the day will pale in comparison to Mother’s Day and will find far too many black fathers unworthy of being honored on this sacred day. It is imperative that we continue to talk about the importance of fatherhood as we attempt to change the destructive behavior and attitudes of far too many black men.

The message of personal responsibility, phrased in strong terms, must be delivered in the home from the pulpit and in the classroom. We must state in unequivocal terms that there is no excuse for black men behaving irresponsibly toward their children. Far too many women are struggling to raise their children as single parents. Read the rest of this entry »